The Oceans Of Hope Foundation

Oceans of Hope offers adaptive ocean access for individuals with limited mobility. This includes specialized wheelchairs or assistance to enter the sand and customized surf/body boards to empower paraplegics and quadriplegics to safely wade in the ocean and ride the waves. It is an experience that truly demonstrates “anything” is possible and will be a day forever remembered. Family and friends are encouraged to come and enjoy the day and be a part of the memory-making!


History Behind The Oceans Of Hope Foundation

On May 1, 2003, Oceans of Hope Foundation’s Danny Paltjon, sustained a serious spinal cord injury while playing in a men’s softball game.

Previously an eager outdoorsman and athlete, he was unprepared to face his “new life” limited to a wheelchair. One of the experiences he missed most was spending the day on the beach with his family, swimming in the water and riding the ocean’s waves.

In 2013, while on a lay-over in Hawaii, Fed-Ex pilot Chris Sharpe experienced a day that he would never forget. While surfing the Canoes break at Waikiki, he noticed an organization that was helping disabled individuals back into the ocean.

Both Danny and Chris spend a great deal of time in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Having become friends and now having a common dream, they pulled their knowledge, resources and passions together. In a true aloha spirit of teamwork, the pair formed the Oceans of Hope Foundation in 2014. ​

Now, they need you to add to this history. Become involved through volunteer work, financial donations or both. Help us write the next chapter of this story.